Interview with Lorenzo Pistolesi

Lorenzo Pistolesi, in his words, is a “crypto enthusiastic song writer that shares all his enthusiasm with

music, helping you to feel good into the blockchain world 4free thanks to #Musicoin and #MusicoinStorm”.

Lorenzo is very enthusiastic about his music which can be heard here. Musicoin is a music platform run

on the $MUSIC blockchain that allows musicians to get paid without intermediaries and for listeners to

tip artists if they like their music. We wanted to do something different by interviewing one of our

members, let’s talk to Lorenzo and learn more about himself and how he started in cryptocurrency.

Lorenzo thank you for putting the time aside for the interview and thank you for joining the Altcoin

community! Let’s start by learning about yourself :

Where are you from, and when did you first hear about cryptocurrency?

"I am an Italian Romantic Songwriter, my mother was a poet, and my father is a traveler. I was born in Florence, Italy, in 1974 then I moved to France 15 years ago. Four months ago I was looking for a solution to allow me to monetize my music and I discovered Musicoin. Thanks to Fabio, a friend that makes music with me, we joined the Musicoin community and we started to earn money directly from our creations. We saw that we could could create artistic value and earn money at the same time!"

How long have you been making music?

"I was 13 when I discovered an old and dirty guitar forgotten by my father. I started playing it 5 hours a day and since then I have never stopped. But it was in 2002 when my mother died that I felt the need to compose songs and since then I have written hundreds of songs. Almost like a need to survive and to tell how to transform suffering into value, artistic value. Not only suffering, even other emotions, like love, joy, happiness, boredom, tranquility, animality, madness and so on."

What led you to choose Musicoin instead of something like Soundstripe or spotify?

"First of all the community of artists, united by the same goal, to enhance the music and put the rest at the service of music and not the other way around. Music is the path. This is why I found Musicoin better suited to enhancing the work of us artists, allowing us to focus especially on music. Today almost all the musicians I know spend more time looking for record labels, press offices, lawyers, marketing experts, social networks, instead of playing and improving their music and looking for artistic collaborations. Musicoin's strength is also to encourage you to collaborate with other artists: 'The Sharism'. Finally, each person that listens to your song immediately generates a higher economic value."

Are you more interested in cryptocurrency or blockchain?

"Both, but cryptocurrency are only a consequence of the blockchain. It is obvious that if you create a new Internet protocol that allows greater transparency and security then people end up preferring cryptocurrency over banks. It is a logical consequence, as well as a logical consequence that if artists can trust the smart contracts proposed by Musicoin and can have a more dignified income, they will no longer necessarily seek to waste time and money with the record labels, and they will play more music."

What is your favorite project on the market?

"To be honest I do not know much, but the projects I prefer are those connected with real life, which encourage the creation of human value: artistic, health, environment, solidarity, and so on. The road will be very long, full of obstacles, but at least it is a shared road with clear rules for everyone. The first goal is to show that blockchain is not just Bitcoin and easy and fast money, but that it is much more, that is to help oneself and others to show their own value."

What are your thoughts on the market being bearish?

"I would like to thank the bearish market because they allow to lower the price to allow those who decide to enter the world of cryptocurreny even in a year or 10 years to be able to do so at prices that are still affordable."

Where do you think cryptocurrency will be in five years?

"Just ask yourself where the cryptocurrencies were five years ago and we have an idea of ​​the answer. In 2013 there was a capitalization of 1.5 billion dollars, today the capitalization is 250 billion dollars. How long will it be in 5 years? We can all predict it more or less! The amount of global financial assets exceeded 1,000,000 billion (1 trillion) dollars and the major part and is about 13 times the world gross product and most of them are lost in Panama Paper. From this value only 0.025% is represented by cryptocurrencies. What do you think will happen in the next five years?"

Any closing comments for the Altcoin Community?

"Yes, just relax, HODL and dance on #Musicoin, enjoyng #MusicoinStorm."

Thank you for your time!

Thank you too, Lorenzo Pistolesi