Interview with Sensitrust

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Please Note: This is not financial advise. Rather, it's an attempt to learn more about an upcoming project.

Sensitrust [SETS] aims to be the next generation job-related marketplace based on AI and blockchain technology. Gianvito Pio is a Co-Founder at Senitrust and will be telling us more about himself, the team behind this project, and the project itself.

Thank you for your time! I like to start by asking about where are you from, what were you doing prior to cryptocurrency, and ultimately what led you to Cryptocurrency and essentially - SensiTrust?

"I am from Italy, as some other members of our team. I am a researcher at the Dept. of Computer Science of the University of Bari, with specific focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Because of our job, and also because we like it, we always try to stay updated with new technologies. When we discovered blockchain technology, we noticed a lot of potential in supporting many application fields. Of course, we started to think how it could help in our own field, namely in the Academy."

How was SensiTrust started - What’s the story behind it?

"At the beginning, we were thinking about how blockchain could help the activities in the Academies, especially to improve the workflow for researchers. When a researcher discovers or creates something (a new algorithm, a theory, a protocol), usually writes a scientific article and tries to publish it in important international journals, in order to let the research community know about the new findings. Such work must be reviewed by other researchers, called reviewers, in order to assess if the work is valuable and not yet explored by other researchers. This process is inefficient, mainly because of the difficulty in finding proper reviewers with the right expertise. This is a total waste of time and resources that slows down the spread of knowledge across the scientific community. We started from these problems, and then we expanded our ideas to other fields, where it is always difficult to find the right (human or not) resources to solve a given task. That’s how Sensitrust was born: we thought that a platform where you can find job opportunities or hire the right professionals on the basis of reliable feedback, would improve several activities in the job market. Of course, this is just an example of the scenarios that our platform will support."

How would you describe what SensiTrust does to a non-technical person?

"Sensitrust is going to develop a platform where customers and professionals get in touch, strengthen their network, make deals and design new projects. Every phase of the activities performed through the platform will exploit the reliability and the immutability of Blockchain technologies. Moreover, most of the services provided within the platform will be supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, in order to provide customers with a list of the most promising professionals and, on the other hand, job opportunities to professionals. Moreover, AI technologies will be exploited for a semi-automated review of the products/services provided by the professionals. In other words, Sensitrust will simplify the process of hiring people and finding the right professionals, strongly using advanced technologies to make everything safe, transparent and trust-able."

As a frequent user of Fiverr, UpWork, Indeed, and GlassDoor, what problem does SensitTrust solve that neither of those platforms do?

"Most of the job marketplaces are simply professional social networks, where you can post job opportunities or buy activities, services and products. Even if you can directly hire someone and leave feedback on the provided product/service, no other actions are supported, monitored or tracked by the platform. We aim to realize an integrated platform where all the activities will be performed with synergy: the establishment of a professional network and the possibility to directly hire a professional. Moreover, we will strongly exploit AI and Blockchain technologies. An example of innovative applications of AI technologies include the automated review of results, recommendations on specifications when you are going to post an announcement, prediction of the customer satisfaction. Examples of advantages provided by Blockchain technology include the transparent, decentralized, immutable, and certified evaluation of agreements, quality and temporal constraints, checkpoints, revisions and feedback."

Is raising funds through tokenization the best way to gain capital for this project instead of doing it the traditional way of getting Venture Capitalists, or Angel Investors?

"We are also open to the traditional ways. We are in contact with several VCs and angel investors, and we are negotiating with them. However, we also believe that a token sale could allow many people to join us, also with small contributions. They can benefit from the current low price and enjoy all our future services at a discounted price."

How will the SETS token be used on the platform?

"The SETS token will be used to buy our services at a discounted price. Their value will be tight to their current value on the market. Such services include:

- Access to more qualified professionals (as a customer)

- Access to more job opportunities (as a professional)

- Advertising and marketing packages (as professionals and companies)

- Advanced platform consultant, based on both AI and human experts

- Stronger guarantees on products and services

- Access to in-platform training material

- Membership Subscriptions (all-inclusive packages)"

If I were someone that is not versed in cryptocurrency whatsoever, but I really wanted to use the SensiTrust platform, would I have to learn how to trade SETS to cash out?

"Absolutely not! Job activities, services and products bought on the platform will be payable with FIAT currencies and other cryptocurrencies, according to the agreement reached with the professional. Our SETS token is not a payment token, but a utility token, and will be used exclusively to buy additional services offered by our company on the platform at a discounted rate, as I previously mentioned.

This is one of the strengths of our project: professionals do not have to worry about finding a way to trade the SETS tokens and about its possible volatility to cash out."

SensiTrust will give users access to professionals and service providers - is there a system to know that I am truly hiring a professional rather than someone who created an account in 5 minutes and simply put information and experience that looks and sounds good but is unverified?

"This is one of the innovations of Sensitrust. We will strongly exploit blockchain technologies to certify the competences of a professional. All the activities that they will perform in our platform will be certified on the blockchain. There will be no space for fake comments and feedback. Obviously, there will be an initial phase, where the professional is “not known” by the platform. In this case, we will allow him/her to say something about himself, and we will offer him/her the opportunity to complete some initial tests and activities, also in collaboration with well-established professionals, to verify his/her competences."

Is there a working model of the platform thus far? If not, when can we expect to have a working model?

"Currently we are working on developing an MVP. We are also working to establish some partnerships with other development teams in order to speed up the process. We strongly believe that in a few months we could already offer a beta product. Of course, all the participants to the token sale will be able to get early access to the platform and test it."

What roadblocks are you currently experiencing with building the platform?

"Actually, the time! We want to release a working product as soon as possible to start helping people in their activities through our platform, but we need additional funds to hire more people and speed up the development. The project is very ambitious, and we need a lot of resources to make it a reality."

Is SensiTrust aimed towards Freelancers, people in-between-jobs, or individuals who do it as a side gig?

"It is mainly for freelancers, but of course, everyone will be able to get benefits from our platform. We think that this will be the future way to work. Especially in this period, where the COVID-19 is enforcing the adoption of smart working, a platform where you can meet people, find new job opportunities, and do your work from wherever you want, may be of significant support."

Most employers prefer to fill a vacancy by getting a reference or from within. (See this diagram). What solution has SensiTrust come up to tackle this dilemma?

"You will not need to do deep investigations! Everything that you will do through the platform will be certified by the blockchain. Everything will be verified, so you do not need to ask for references, since they will be publicly available. Employers will find doing a quick search on Sensitrust much easier than filling a vacancy or doing long pre-screening interviews."

What significant plans, projects, or activities are planned within the next five years for SensiTrust?

"Our first goal is to release a working product that shows the major innovations of Sensitrust. In our mid and long-term plans, we surely have the implementation of specific sub-platforms tailored for specific fields. Among the others, we planned to implement a specific sub-platform for the Academy field, for the Information Technology field, and for the Banking and Trading sector. Of course, in parallel, we will continue developing our advanced AI methods to make them able to automatically assess the quality of products and services of different kinds and related to multiple applications."

Anything else you like to tell the Altcoin community?

"The pandemic changed our lives. Almost all the works are being performed remotely. This way to work will become the standard way over the next years, and people will have to evolve and reinvent themselves. Sensitrust will support this evolution and will provide the right tools to join the new job market safely.

People participating in the token sale right now will benefit from a strong discount on the token price. In the medium-long term, once the platform is fully operational, owning our tokens will provide them significant advantages in accessing job opportunities and to establish professional networks."

Thank You!

"Thank you for this opportunity. I invite you all to visit our website and to follow us on our social pages and on Telegram. I remind you that we are in the presale phase that grants you a strong discount on the token price. The supply for the presale is very limited, so don’t miss the chance."

Gianvito Pio

Sensitrust Co-Founder