Interview with Civic

Civic is a company that aims to provide every person on Earth with a decentralized digital identity that they can use to interact privately and securely with the world. Civic currently has locations spanned across five countries through out the globe. With a focus on giving users ownership of their identity, Civic has created a platform where people interact with requesters and verifiers while maintaining full control of their identities. We are honored to have Titus Capilnean, who is the Head of Communications & Marketing at Civic to answer some of our questions in order to get a better understanding of Civic.

We appreciate you for putting time aside to further enlighten the Altcoin Community of Civic! Let’s start by telling the readers where you are from, what were you doing prior to being involved in cryptocurrency and how did you get involved with Civic?

"I led the very first social media campaigns in Romania for top international brands like Coca Cola, Unilever or Colgate-Palmolive, and then went on to work for a publicly listed company in the natural resources sector for a couple of years as their digital lead. In 2014, after graduating from the Hult Executive MBA and getting a major in 3-sided global marketplaces, I moved to the UK, where I was the Country Manager for a money transfer service - dealing closely with identity, KYC and AML local, regional and global regulations. I then transitioned to the US, in San Francisco, where I worked in the AI sector, building a leading solution for Customer Service automation. As 2017 kicked off, I got involved with blockchain and saw the amazing potential of smart contracts. The Civic token sale stood out as one of the best in class, I loved the product right away and at the end of the year I decided to join the team and lead the communications and marketing here."

With locations in five countries, how many people are helping Civic move forward?

"We have 35 employees in total."

How would you explain CIVIC in a non-technical way?

"Civic is a visionary identity verification technology that enables consumers to authorize the use of their identities in real-time without the need for usernames or passwords. Civic is making on-demand, secure and low-cost access identity verification services possible via the blockchain. Civic offers affordable protection from data breaches and identity theft."

Civic recently partnered with VOTEM whom we have also recently interviewed. Could you talk a bit more about the partnership?

"Our partnership with Votem is important because it marks the first-ever Know-Your-Customer (KYC) system powered by a CVC token. This partnership represents a major advancement in ensuring the security and transparency of the KYC and accreditation processes, making token sales and ICOs safer and more professional than ever before.

Through this partnership, Civic is providing Votem with trusted identity protocols, offering an environment that is both secure and transparent, without all of the risks and costs associated with collecting and storing personal identity information."

Verified data can be accessible to Civic’s members through real-time authentication and biometric verifications as mentioned on the website. One of the ways to do so is through a heartbeat, how is that achievable?

"Just like a fingerprint, every heartbeat is unique and can be used as a way to identify an individual. The mobile device can measure an individual's heart beat and offers the same real-time authentication that a fingerprint can offer, and a more accurate verification than a username and password."

Could you give a real-life use-case of the Civic platform?

"We partnered with wikiHow back in August to deliver a more streamlined, secure experience for wikiHow users through our Secure Identity Platform. As a result of this integration, over 150 million monthly wikiHow users are now able to login securely without using a username and password. All they have to do is download the Civic mobile app and complete an Identity Validation Process to ensure ownership of the identity and establish the required level of trust. The data is fully encrypted in the Civic app on users' devices, not stored by Civic or wikiHow.

More recently, we have partnered with companies doing ICOs & Token Sales to provide them with access to Reusable KYC, like Votem, who is our very first CVC-powered KYC process, or FIC Network, who is also running their KYC with Civic Secure IDs attested via the blockchain. Civic app users who have already identified themselves in one token sale can reuse that attested ID in the Civic App to participate in other token sales."

Are there any competitors in the field?

"While no one is doing exactly what we do, uPort and SecureKey are considered competitors to some extent. Our belief is that the Civic Marketplace will be an open system."

Where do you see Civic five years from now and what is the roadmap to getting there?

"Over the next five years, we will continue building our ecosystem to reduce the overall costs of identity verification services, remove inefficiencies, enhance security and privacy, improve user experience and disrupt the current identity verification industry. We're making great progress on our product roadmap, and we’re rapidly expanding our identity verification ecosystem with a set of diverse partners ranging from the public sector to companies large and small. Some of our current partners include WikiHow, BitGo and Votem."

Anything else you would like to tell the Altcoin Community?

"Civic’s long-term vision extends well beyond digital IDs and reusable KYC to perhaps the most impactful blockchain application yet: decentralized voting. This is a powerful way to change the world by creating a better platform for democracy that ensures fair and secure digital voting systems. But in order for digital voting to become a reality, we must first be able to verify online identities."


Blockchain: CVC is an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain and the Marketplace we are building will be blockchain-agnostic

Classification: Utility Token

Token Function: The Civic token (CVC) is the native token of the Civic platform. Its main function is to regulate the behavioral aspects of the Civic marketplace that control and incentivize the correct behavior within the ecosystem. The purpose of the Behavioral Model to achieve equilibrium states, where Correct Validations that are accepted by Requesters lead to CVC rewards to both parties, while Incorrectly validated PII correctly rejected yields Requester CVC rewards, increasing the overall system reliability

Consensus algorithm: Civic is not developing it’s own Blockchain technology (which requires consensus algorithms) but rather operates on top of existing Smart-Contract enabled Platforms.

Project status: Live, Development Roadmap here

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CVC

Exchanges: Huobi, Bittrex, ChaoEx