Interview with Bitsgap

Bitsgap is an exchange-like platform that gives you access to the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in one unified place. This amazing platform has all major exchanges in one tab from where you can trade your favorite pairs from your linked exchanges without having multiple tabs open.

This privately held company is based in Estonia with a team of industry experts with extensive experience in skills ranging from trading to blockchain technology.

Max Kalmykov, who is the CEO of Bitsgap, will give us some more insight on Bitsgap.

To start off, tell us more about yourself – where are you from, what were you doing prior to cryptocurrency, and what led you to start/join Bitsgap?

“Hello, Altcoin community!

It’s a pleasure to connect with you and thanks for such a great opportunity.

To answer your question, well frankly speaking, cryptocurrency became such a big part of my life that it’s hard to say what was before that. Before doing projects, I was building marketing systems, affiliate programs, affiliate websites and many other things.

Before Bitsgap, about 4 years ago we saw a potential in the marketing niche and started our own advertising network: Cointraffic. Nowadays Cointraffic is a leading advertising network with offices in several countries, a team of great professionals.

About 1.5 years ago, we then saw potential in cryptocurrency trading, and we noticed many leading cryptocurrency exchanges with their unique features and traits. We didn’t want to compete with them but instead unite and cooperate. That’s how the Bitsgap idea came to our mind.”

How big is the Bitsgap team (currently)?

“More than 15 people are working on Bitsgap today with different backgrounds and skill sets which led us to building our product.

We take care of our employees, and they are taking care of our business by showing a strong commitment in what we are doing. And we are always looking for new great professionals in our team ;)”

How would you explain Bitsgap, in its simplicity?

“Imagine you have numerous exchanges with different cryptocurrencies spread over multiple accounts. To make your decisions and analyze the results you usually need to log in to all your 5-10-50 accounts and switch between tabs, calculate your cost average, profit gains, and check the history of your closed positions.

That takes so much of your time that you could spend doing something else. So if that sounds somewhat familiar, then Bitsgap maybe has a solution for you.

In general, we unify all your transactions, history, and trading under one simple interface so you can be as efficient with your time as possible.”

What makes Bitsgap different from its competitors (if any)?

“My favorite question. Well, you need to understand that thanks to crypto lots of new projects appeared in this niche. At the same time, most of the startups that we see try to build one-function projects – for example, portfolio service. Or other companies are making their products around arbitrage. But that never looked like a finished product for us, that’s why we started Bitsgap. So mainly we don’t see direct competitors for us at least right now.

Bitsgap is the platform to give you all the functionality under one roof:

• Trading on all major crypto exchanges

• Desktop and mobile versions

• Trading Live and Demo

• Arbitrage tool

• Portfolio

• Advanced trading tools like Stop Loss / Take Profit, shadow orders and etc

Well, there are over 7000 crypto pairs at Bitsgap for you to choose from. It’s probably the most comprehensive crypto market tool available on the market.”

How safe is Bitsgap?

“We put a safety question in the first place because we understand how important it is for our customers to feel secure while they are sharing their API keys to third-party platforms.

To secure your account, we are using 2048-bit encryption, where your API keys are delivered to our servers encrypted. Meaning no one outside can possibly get access to it. The same solution is used in your regular online banking.

We encourage customers to disable withdrawal permission from API keys (if such permission is enabled, our system won't accept this key, and you will not be able to add it for your own safety). Of course, all the usual security measurements like 2FA and login logs are used too.”

What challenges do you face?

“I would like to mention that initially, we built our platform so that it would support over a million users. With over 7000 crypto pairs connected to our platform, we are looking forward to improve our speed even further. So of course, technical challenge is always there.

Naturally like every startup, we are always in search for high-quality specialists who still have startup spirit and want to change the crypto world. Our challenge is to find the right people who share the same passion for crypto trading as we do.”

Where do you see Bitsgap in five years?

“Well, in reality not many people even knew about crypto 5 years ago. It’s still very young and a rapidly growing niche. What in classic businesses took years, in crypto happened within a few months. I prefer not to give this kind of long-term forecasts. I would say that our goal is to become the biggest and most user-friendly tool to work with in the crypto market.”

Any final comments for the Altcoin Investing community?

“Of course, we glad to see new members. We invite you to give Bitsgap a try today. For now, the platform is totally free, and in the future, we will implement some paid fee for using the platform.”

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