AMA with Obortech

The Altcoin Investing Community has been insistently requesting for newer projects, projects that have not yet been listed on exchanges, or projects that literally just launched. We listened. We planned. We acted. Now, what results do we have for the Altcoin Investing community? Well - here is a brand new cryptocurrency project that has yet to be listed on any exchange.

Introducing OBORTECH - A fully digital ecosystem for the supply chain. The OBORTECH team collectively has solid relevant experience in regards to their game plan. One of their partners appears to be The Government of Mongolia - which I must say, I have never heard of a government partnering up with a new cryptocurrency project!

The purpose of this AMA will essentially be to learn about OBORTECH - who is the founder, the team behind the project, the partnerships formed, the tokenomics, and finally the project itself.

Right, let’s get to it.

I am honored to have Tamir Baasanjav, who has agreed to put some time aside to answer some questions about OBORTECH (OBOT). Tamir Baasanjav serves as CEO in OBORTECH.

Thank you for the time you’ve sacrificed in order to answer some questions about Obortech. To start off, can you tell the readers where you are from and what were you doing prior to being involved in cryptocurrency?

Thank you for introducing us to this great community. I’m glad being part of your group here.

Our head company is in Estonia. We are an international team. Currently, most of us are located in Mongolia. Our blockchain developers are from India and Russia. Our advisers from Switzerland, Australia, and Germany.

We ourselves have been in logistics and project development fields for a long period of time. Our co-founder has been in the logistics sector for over 20 years, and now leads one of the biggest logistics companies in Mongolia. I have been working as a project developer and marketer for over 10 years in international development projects implemented by governments of the United States, Switzerland, and Mongolia on transportation, mining, and energy fields. Our Chief Counsel/Lawyer is Harvard Graduate and extensive experience in corporate law and regulations. Our CFO/Finance person has over 20 years of experience in central banking, financial and investment institutions. Our blockchain architects have also been in software development for 20 years and in the blockchain field for 6 years. So, we are veterans in our respective fields.

What is the Government of Mongolia’s role with OBORTECH?

Due to the pandemic situation, physical interactions are strongly restricted in cross-border trade of meat products between Mongolia and China. It made the process, which had heavily relied on paper-based and manual information collection, much slower and costly. Currently, OBORTECH is working with meat exporters, logistics companies and the Government of Mongolia to make the process a fully digital solution allowing actors to remotely access the same information flow on blockchain. Major bottleneck is relying on the government’s approval and document exchange process for the supply chain. Thus, OBORTECH allows the government to digitally participate in decentralized blockchain networks along with other supply chain actors for unified information exchange. The Government of Mongolia supports OBORTECH in policy level by embracing supply chain digitization and integrating blockchain technology into its approval and document exchange procedures.

How would you describe what OBORTECH does to a non-technical individual?

We aim to solve one of the most complex and big problems of any economy in the world, which is supply chain inefficiency.

Supply chain process has multiple actors having different technical capacities. Sharing data often requires complex processes, asking the same information and tasks multiple times. Existing digital systems are hard to be adopted by other players with different conditions. Users who lack IT knowledge and resources can’t build and maintain those systems. Complete supply chain visibility and trust only happens when all actors in all levels of supply chain actively participate in and have control over the same information flow.

What if we have simple and easy-to-use fully digital network like Facebook in supply chain that everyone has equal participation rights, controls their own data, decides whom they want to connect, shares information remotely in unified format, receives real-time notifications, and gets valued based on their performance histories verified by other members in the network instead of complex procedure by single organization?

We aim to create the Smart Hub, a fully digital ecosystem for all actors in the supply chain, which they can remotely collaborate in a decentralized and democratic blockchain network favoring everyone regardless of their size and IT capability. The Smart Hub offers:

  • Blockchain and cloud powered communication hub

  • Tamper-proof, unified and online document exchange

  • IoT based real-time visibility and tracking

  • Open and decentralized networking marketplace

How does the OBORTECH ecosystem work?

Unlike centralized systems, the Smart Hub users themselves have more control over the network, lead its adoption, and get benefit from the revenue stream. Before joining, every new member in any supply chain network of the Smart Hub needs to be invited and approved by existing members of that supply chain network in the Smart Hub. Also, if any member in the network behaves badly or inserts false information multiple times, that member’s score/rating in the network will be downgraded by other members.

What stage is OBORTECH in at the moment?

So far, a leading logistics company in Mongolia invested in us and funded the prototype development. Currently, we are doing our pilot on meat export supply chain from Mongolia to China with participants from Mongolian government, meat exporters, and logistics companies. After the pilot, we aim to expand into Asian and European markets. First and foremost, in 2021, we’ll list our token on some of the top exchanges. We’ll do a more aggressive marketing campaign in April-May. Our product (the Smart Hub) will be released in Q3 2021 and more partnerships will come this year.

What is the 5 year plan?

Global supply chain market is so large. A tiny fraction can be a multi-billion-dollar market. We aim to serve 5 % of the inland transportation supply chain of perishable products between Europe and Asia, and intra-Europe.

Is OBORTECH going to be listed on any exchanges? If so, when and which ones?

Currently, we are having our IEO on Probit and Chain X exchanges. In April, we are considering being listed on MXC, Digifinex, Uniswap. After that, we will aim for, Huobi, and Binance.

Working Demo


What is the Total Supply?

Max fixed supply is 300 million.

What are the allocations of the Total Supply?

200 million is offered for early investors and public sale. 70 million is locked for founders and team. 30 million is reserved for the company.

How will the OBOT token be used in the ecosystem?

OBOT token is a main instrument for the digital economy of the Smart Hub network. Members of the network can use OBOT token on performing transactions on the platform, escrowing contract bonuses, launching crowdfunding activities to the network community, exchanging services in the Smart Hub Marketplace, voting on governance policies and activities of the network, and getting rewards based on their performance ratings in the network.

Moreover, OBOT token will enable the Smart Hub network users to interact, collaborate, and support each other in more efficient and easy ways, which traditional fiat currency can’t. For instance, users collaborating via the Smart Hub can convert some portion of their contract funding into OBOT tokens and allocate them in Escrow Contract as a bonus payment. When one side performs its task well and meets certain extra conditions of the Smart contract, the escrowed tokens will be released as a bonus payment. Since all parties’ supply chain actions and flows are recorded on the Smart Hub’s blockchain network, it will be done completely automatic.

Whereas in a traditional supply chain system, you would need a bank to provide such services and need to deal with bureaucratic paper works. There are many other usage advantages of OBOT token compared to fiat currency in the Smart Hub. We are also thinking of adding Staking and Lending features to the OBOT token in the future.

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Thank you for sharing, see you in the Altcoin Community Tamir!

Tamir Baasanjav