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 Whether you are working on building a new crypto-project, or an ICO, we have a powerful network of investors, venture capitalists, cryptocurrency influencers and others, who can help you move your project forward and spread the word.



Founder of Altcoin Investing

Moses has worked with numerous successful projects such as Fan360 (Advisor), Golden Fleece (Marketing), and Apollocurrency (Marketing). With his extensive networking skills, Moses knows how to get an audience behind a project.



Co-Founder of Swarmcity

Christopher is a Mentor and Thought Leader in the Space. He has a great understanding of Social Media across many platforms and has promoted an ICO, a Brand Fork and even dealt with the fallout from the $30 million (USD) Parity Hack.



Co-Founder and CEO of Mining Rig Club (MRC)

Mr. Leon Lim J.H  is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Mining Rig Club(MRC). MRC’s mission is to create economic opportunities for everyone through technology. They own and operate the largest data centre in Singapore. [Read more]



Founder of Bitcoin for Beginners

Kevin's curiosity is what drives him. With the goal of creating resources and communities in the crypto world, Kevin started Bitcoin for Beginners, a friendly community that helps anyone learn about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin for beginners currently has over 70,000 members in total.



Founder of My ICO Pool and Cryptocurrency Education

Joel is a seasoned business educator who transitioned to the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets. He currently is the Founder of MYICOPOOL, and Athena Signal Trading Bot. Joel also is a founder and director at BlockRake Inc. which helps businesses with their ICO/STO/IPO needs providing end-to-end solutions.


CEO of The Brush Guard


Dawn is an expert business developer within the beauty industry,  an avid crypto currency investor and a leader in the crypto currency social media space

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